Stone Island Exostrike Boots
Product - 12/11/2019

ECCO in collaboration with Stone Island

When ECCO collaborates with other high-profile brands, it is possible to introduce new passionate consumers to the distinctive experience of wearing ECCO shoes.

You might have heard about some of ECCO’s collaborations with high quality brands like Stone Island, The Last Conspiracy, Saks Potts, and Rosetta Getty. Only a small and highly selective range of collaborators make their way into ECCO’s universe, and when they do, the design work is collaborative.  ECCO’s contribution of cutting-edge comfort and state of the art leather innovation forms one side of this. The collaborative brand’s vision forms the other.

Stone Island meets ECCO
One of the collaborative partnerships to watch is Stone Island. Established in 1982, Stone Island has rapidly established itself as an iconic brand with a contemporary point of reference for especially younger people. Their expertise lies in their dyeing techniques, as they dye garments and shoes after they have been manufactured. 

The fusion between ECCO and Stone Island has resulted in a number of products which are available in selected stores. An example is the customised Exostrike with the iconic Stone Island logo on the heel cap. The boot is manufactured at ECCO’s factory in Portugal and undergoes dyeing at Stone Island’s premises in Italy. Stone Island’s dyeing technique gives the product a very special look, which means that no two pairs are alike. 

Challenging at many levels
In addition to adding interesting segments to ECCO’s distribution set-up, entering into strategic collaborations challenges the entire value chain, starting from new inspiration for the design team to more flexible production processes. 

“Stone Island has an undisputed expertise in applying dyeing techniques on finished shoes. The result is remarkable, and it underlines the unique strength of our collaboration which is a true meeting of like-minded brands,”

says Liam Maher, Creative Director at ECCO, and describes how ECCO’s design and R&D teams continue to push the limits of ECCO technologies like Fluidform™, always rooted in our belief that great shoe design must anticipate the foot-in-motion and how our team’s passion for combining high standards of style with high standards of performance makes it possible to deliver a steady stream of great products.

More about ECCO’s strategic collaborations on ECCO Leather’s Instagram profile.

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